Married and Swingers lifestyle, possible?

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The effect of this lifestyle on marriage depends on the quality of marriage before joining.

Stable and solid warm marriages will bring great pleasure ...

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Swingers lifestyle - 4 things to consider

The moment has come. You decided to take the next step and go on a first date with a couple of swingers you met on the site to explore the possibility of a couples exchange. You are both very excited for the reunion, and dozens of questions and questions come to mind: What will we wear for a date? where will we meet? What if we don't like the other couple? And if there is chemistry between us - where will we go? To us or to them? Everyone tends to be stressed before the first date, surely if it is a first date for a couples exchange. Chances are you will have a successful reunion, but if you want to try lowering the level of concern before the big date, here are some points to consider before the first date in the exchange of couples.

What to wear?
This is a question that usually bothers the female side of the encounter. How do you get dressed for a couples exchange meeting? Do you dress sexy? bare? Or dress as usual? Well, like a "regular" first date - it's important to dress well for the occasion and come clean and tidy. In terms of attire - it's important that you feel good about what you're wearing, and of course, dressing sexy helps to get in the atmosphere, but it's important to maintain an attractive look and not to skimp on the cheap looks. For example - do not expose both legs and chest. Choose to reveal one thing and leave room for imagination. The same is true for makeup - not to apply excessive and heavy makeup, to adhere to makeup that compliments us and highlights one part of the face that we want to emphasize like eyes or lips. We want the other couple to be attracted to us, but to know us first as humans.

Set basic rules
It is important that you as a couple sit down with each other before the meeting and decide on some basic rules. For example: until where are you two ready to go? Would you feel comfortable watching your partner have sex with another partner? Or would you prefer to split into separate rooms? Or you may decide that the first meeting will not include a couples exchange but will be more of a meeting, which will not include sex, and its maximum will reach slight buzz. You both have to decide in advance what your boundaries are so that you can reach a calm meeting, enjoy it and not feel afterwards that you did something you were not ready for.

Our place or their place?
Another important decision to consider beforehand is this: If the date is successful - would you like to continue with the other couple to a more intimate meeting place? And if so - would you like to go to them or will they come to your apartment? This is not a simple decision that you will need to make in real time, but you better come prepared. You will have to decide in a short time whether you trust enough of the couple in front of you, enough to go with them to their apartment or bring them to your home, thus also exposing your place of residence. If you want to alleviate this, you can simply decide that in the first meeting, if there is chemistry and want to move on, go to a neutral place like a hotel. At the meeting threshold you can decide what will happen at the next meeting.

Choose a security word
Another precaution that you should take in advance of a couples exchange session is to choose a security word, a word that once one of you says it means you want to stop what you are doing and go. That you're not good at the situation and you want to get out of it. Don't choose a word like 'no' because it's a word that is used all the time, sometimes even as part of a foreplay. Choose a word that has nothing to do with the situation so it will be clear to you both what it means when it is said.

How to say NO to an offer

spouse swapping

“My husband and I were participating in a swingers party. We found our self with a small group of couples that we met for the first time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t like any of the participants. Suddenly a man approached me asking me to join him...

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How to get started with a couple swap

swinging for beginners

Many couples in long relationships over time feel the need for diversity and refreshment in bed life. When the relationship is good,

with a solid and solid foundation, the possibilities for diversity are many....

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